Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashion: Roberto is hot

Since I have really nothing going on with my life right now (assignments, TV, lazing around), I decided to give this blog a lil twist! I decided to add a zist of fashion in it.

Fashion is my passion. Don't laugh.

I love clothes and have an overflowing pile of it. However most of all, yeah, most of all... I love cheap clothes. Then again, who does not?
I had an online fashion boutique which I ran it with one of my close friend. I miss selling clothes for double the price to customers =(
Oh well.

Now that the weather in Canada is getting warmer and warmer, I can finally take out my so-called spring/summer collection. Heh. Dressing up just became more interesting~ hohoho~
Item of the day would be:

My Roberto Vianni Mary Janes
I spotted this shoe at the clearance rack. Ahahaha... originally priced at $70, but it was reduced to $15!! Goddamn, I HAD to buy it. It's one of the most uncomfortable shoes ever, but heck, it is pretty and relatively cheap.

Last night I took out one of my thrifted high waist skirt which I bought for $2 and decided it was too long. Hence, I trimmed few inches off the hem and ta-da, more legs to show. Heh. Once I started cutting I could not stop and ended up picking up a few outfits to modify it. Sigh. Fun though!

Wear your Mary Janes alone or pair it with socks. It gives it a more funky, fresh touch to it.

What I ended up wearing:

Everlast's white flats and Reitman's olive green blazer. I have to walk to class, I need my comfort.

We will talk about more intelligent matter next time =)

P/S: I decided to put off swearing when it comes to fashion. I am really a very nice person :)


Sunday, April 19, 2009

If you are horny and you know it, read this blog?

I should SoOo be studying now, but I decided to blog instead because it is soOo much cooler. Studying is for weird people like Soo.
Sadly, I do not know what to blog about
Really. Er, cannot wait for my last final to be over? No. More like, cannot wait to drink again. Ahahaha. Omg I am such an alcoholic. I guess I got it from my mum hehehehe.
Oh, I hope I pass this semester. Well, I will pass, but I hope I get into Honours Arts. I need at least 75 average overall and 75 average in my Psych courses. How sad is that? I am so scared now. Well not really, or I will be studying.
Murad made a slideshow about the Apple Pie yum yums. Eeek, such a touching video. Dan made one too about North D, which is equally heartfelt as well, so kudos to both of them. Hey guys, you should upload it on Youtube so I can put it on my blog.
What else?
Ah, my finals.
I had Microeconomics which I basically got raped in the ass by it cause I guessed more than half the paper; German was rather tough. I had to write 11 pages of shit. Deutsch ist sehr sohai. I had to write 3 essays. Wtf. Social Psych was pretty depressing as well... I really hope that I can pull my average up with my last hope: Cultural Anthropology. Omg, banana-balls.
Anyway, I am happy that sweei(bff from Malaysia) finally decided to update her blog! Yay, she is hot you should go check her out here. Kyle Martin, she is fun size, so ka-ching! Brownie points right there.

Omg too cute wanna die.

Ahahaha Soo got stuck in Narnia.

Benita is a very versatile Banana. NBA playa by day, gay rockstar by night. Woot!

Ya me too.

Handmade dices(failed). The human of the future.

Andrea got a facelift and hence resulting in yellow throat disease. Told you she has a little Asian in her.

Jaimie got a facelift. Scary.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

If you wanna know what I did last night then read this blog.


Well, it is a Saturday afternoon now as I am writing this. The weather is far from good which pisses me off because I am going to a kegger tonight. Well, maybe the alcohol can keep me warm- heh. Yesterday it was a fun Friday night. We played some drinking games which I lost most of the time and ended up chugging a little something-something here and there. Urgh.

Oh, Soo, Dan and I decided to go streaking and we ran all the way from REV to V1 into some random floor. It was really fun and exciting, I feel very liberated. Ok, I was not completely stripped off my clothing, just my T-shirt off, but it was a big move ok. And NO, I did not take any pictures. Exam is approaching this is probably going to be my last weekend partying with my friends before I have to seriously hit the books. Damn, thinking of that makes me depressed. I am going to miss all my friends and hence they better visit me during the summer or I will slaughter them. I do not know how, but when there is a will, there is way, you fucking shithead twats. I am joking.

Well, I realized that life is good just being with your friends. They are such good entities when it comes to cheering you up, no?

Oh, I finally finished watching the British TV series called “Skins”. What an awesomely entertaining show, so overtly dramatic and outrageous. Did I tell you the male casts are insanely lushes and fit? Haha. Girls are hot too but whatever; they do not turn me on so who cares. Ha joking again. Hahe. NOT. Haha not NOT. Not not not not?

I shuddup now.


Alison's clean room 2008.

Left: Jaimie's room looking like the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Candid posing: somebody should draw me and make me look prettier. haha.